Dear Parents/Guardians: 

Parent/teacher conferences are an excellent opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with the classroom teacher.  Dixon Public Schools has set aside a time for all parents to schedule a conference to meet with your child’s teacher(s) virtually or in person. Virtual conferences will be conducted via Zoom. 

Conferences will be held on the following dates:
Wednesday, November 18 from 4-7:30p
Thursday, November 19 from 4-7:30p 
Friday, November 20 from 7:45-11a 

Your child’s teacher is looking forward to meeting with you to discuss the progress of your child.  We are encouraging virtual conferences; please adhere to the following guidelines if you prefer to set up an in-person conference:
• Masks and 6ft social distancing are required  
• It is preferred that students and/or siblings NOT attend in order to minimize sanitizing needs between conferences 
• 3rd grade enter Door 1 (main door) and 2nd grade enter Door 16 (near new gym.)
• Temp Checks and sanitizer at the Door 1 and Door 16.
• Please be prompt and courteous of your scheduled time, as teachers will need to sanitize and prepare for their next conference.

Your child’s teacher will send you more information on how to sign up for a conference whether it be via Zoom or in-person. Please continue to check Seesaw for updates.