Mrs W. 5-12-2020

Happy Tuesday Everyone!   Here's a blast from the past:  our "8 Keys of Excellence Song".  You can sing along with these words:

When you talk about doing good thins and you act like you should be,
And your words go with your actions, that's called Integrity.
        Oh the 8 keys, will lead your life road to success!
        Oh the 8 keys, the coolest keys of excellence!
There's integrity and we know failure leads us to success.
When you're speaking with good purpose, this is it!  our time's the best!
        Oh the 8 keys.....
There's commitment and there's ownership and flexibility.
All these things they give us balance to live life happily!
        Oh the 8 keys.....

Remember to follow these 8 keys every day!   Ms. W

Link to Youtube video from Mrs. W.