Music Symbols graphic notes

Good Morning Jefferson Students!  Today we are posting a fun set of study guides for learning and reviewing the Music Symbols that we focused on in 2nd and 3rd grade. At the bottom of this page, you will find links to the activities. 

These Quizlet study guides - one for 2nd grade and one for 3rd grade - have a number of fun ways to practice and study: 

on the left side of the screen, you will find - Flashcards, Learn, Write, Spell and Test.

Please go through each of these.  You can practice them a number of times - it's really fun to do it with your parents, or on your own.

Under these are games to Play:  we are only using the first two - Match and Gravity.
Gravity is a little tougher, because you have to type in the names of the symbols.  There are 3 levels:  easy, medium and hard.  Try it!  Do your best!

When you have studied enough, please do the Test.  It is matching the picture with the name.  You have to type the letter by the picture on the line of the name that matches it.   You can do the test as many times as you want, and get your best score.

Please e-mail your name, classroom teacher, and your score to me at:

I need to get these scores by May 22nd.  If you cannot do this online, I have included the match test in the packet you can pick up from Mrs. Thorpe at school.  Then you can get your test back to your teacher by May 22nd.

Remember, send me your test score by May 22nd!    Have fun!    Ms. W

3rd Grade Music Symbols

2nd Grade Music Symbols