May Day graphic

Happy May Day!  It's Friday, May 1st 2020.  Let's sing a May Days Song.

You can find our song on YouTube at May Days from Plank Road Publishing

Sing along with the song, and the girls will teach you the choreography.

Morning Time, Rise and Shine, It's a brand new day!
Feel so well, I can tell, things will go my way..
There's a robin on the window, teaching all the world to sing!
       May Days (clap clap)  May Days (clap clap)  Shining in the morning sun.
       May Days (clap clap)  May Days (clap clap)  Beautiful is Spring!
Shady trees, honey bees, playing in the sun.
Ride a bike, fly a kite, time to have some fun!
There's a robin.....

I hope you enjoy this sing!  Have a nice week-end!    Ms. W

Click here to see the video message from Mrs. W.