Buongiorno graphic with chicken

Good morning everyone!  We will do some singing today.  I've included a new Good Morning song that you can sing in Italian, as well as the song for our Earth Day Song.  

The Music of Life:

Listen to the sound of the wind,  the sound of the rain,  falling on the trees,

The bugs, birds, and bees - humming as they please,  keeping time with the breeze,

All nature sees  -  the bounty she brings,  little creatures abound,

And they all make a sound,   playing on with the Music of Life.

Have fun practicing and singing these songs today!    

Send me a video of you practicing these songs today - I would love to see you, or you could write me a little note in an e-mail.  I would love to hear from you!    

nwirchnianski@dps170.org           Have a great day!    Ms. W

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