Earth Day Songs graphic

Update - Mrs. W's video has been posted on Facebook and Twitter:

 Hi 2nd and 3rd Graders,

Here are the words for a song I'd like to teach you to sing for Earth Day, April 22nd, this Wednesday.  Please practice reading these words.  Later today, I will post a video where we can practice these words with rhythm, and later - with the notes to sing.  It's called
The Music of Life:

Listen to the sound of the wind,  the sound of the rain,  falling on the trees,

The bugs, birds, and bees - humming as they please,  keeping time with the breeze,

All nature sees  -  the bounty she brings,  little creatures abound,

And they all make a sound,   playing on with the Music of Life.

I think you will probably know all of the words in this song...maybe one or two new words...I was thinking of "bounty" and "abound".   Bounty means:  lots and lots of good things.    And Abound means just about the same thing:  lots and lots of little creatures everywhere.

I hope you take some time to practice reading these words, because we will sing them next!

See you in my next video message!     Ms. W