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An offer from our friends at the Dixon Public Library -

We know this is a challenging time and we hope that Dixon Public Library can be there to help in our own way.

I am writing to you today to invite you to apply for a new library card or existing ones for your children at Dixon Public Library. The library is closed until April 30th but we have lots of online services available for you to use with an active card round the clock. These services can be found at https://www.dixongov.com/library/digital-library.html. They include ebooks, research help, news sources, and a language learning app, as well as others.

We are setting up new temporary cards or renewing existing cards with an expiry date of May 31st, so if you would like to get a card for your kids card simply email us at maillibrary@dixonpubliclibrary.org. Please provide your child's name(s) and date of birth, your name, date of birth, address, and the number starting 21515 from your card(s) (if you already have one) and we'll be happy to help.

If you want to create or renew a youth card, we are going to ask that you also renew or create a new card for the parent or guardian who is taking responsibility for the loans. You will be entered into our system as the Responsible Party. This will make renewing the cards once we reopen easier for everyone.

Once we reopen you will be able to renew your cards beyond May 31st in person. This will be free if you live within Dixon city limits, If you live outside Dixon city limits we are required by state statute to charge you a fee, which is currently $75 to renew for the year. This fee covers everyone in your household for the year. We are not collecting a fee for these temporary card issues or renewals.

If we remain closed longer than April 30th then the expiry date will also be extended.